Get paid before Christmas demand template

Good morning/afternoon

I write again regarding the above-mentioned (invoice number in subject line) which remains outstanding in the amount of ($$$$ amount).  Despite numerous attempts to organise payment, this amount still has not been paid and your account has today been flagged for enforcement by our system.

I understand with Christmas less than a week away, the timing isn’t ideal, however you have literally left me with no other option.  Please understand and appreciate that it is Christmas for me too and the last thing I feel like doing is chasing customers for money, so I am hoping that payment can be made by the below deadline so you can enjoy your time off without this debt hanging over your head.

Please make payment into our account below by 4pm AEST, Friday, 21st December 2018 otherwise I will be proceeding:

Our account details are:

BANK-                                     (Name of your bank)

ACCOUNT NAME-               (Name of your account)

BSB-                                         (Your BSB number)

ACCOUNT NUMBER-         (Your account number)

It is absolutely vital that you email me with a receipt once paid so I can note our system and pull your account back.

If there is absolutely no way you are able to make this deadline, let me know within the hour please.

Thank you.

Get paid before Christmas demand template

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