Owed money from 2018???

Hands up if you have overdue invoices from last year? Guys, you are not alone! That feeling that you have, that nobody seems to be answering or paying- it’s completely normal! January is always the hardest month of the year to get paid. I can say this with full confidence, as both a veteran debt collector and also a small business owner myself. Here are my “A” words to make it a bit easier for you:

Accept- Now isn’t the time to get frustrated. Just know that as long as you’ve done the work, provided the goods and invoiced for your money, you will get paid. If it makes you feel any better, we have $5000 worth of invoices overdue from December and we are a debt collection agency 🙂And no, I’m not in the least bit worried because I know all of them will pay.

Ask- If they can please pay you this week. Sounds simple and common right? Wrong! Spend a day in our shoes and you will see how rarely businesses actually ask for their money.

Anticipate- Mid to late January is probably worst case scenario. If your customer has been on leave too, they probably haven’t been earning, or invoicing their own customers, so may not have the funds themselves.

Hope this helps, cheers guys

Owed money from 2018???

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