Consumer and Commercial Debt Recovery

This is a traditional debt collection process where we use our extensive experience coupled with the vast number of tools at our disposal to get you your money back. This includes demand letters, telephone calls, SMS, emails, personalised letters of demand etc. All are free of charge and you simply pay the commission on the amount recovered (excluding legal action, land title and company searches). Commercial collections, or business to business, can often be a little more complicated, however the fundamentals remain the same and we will quickly identify the decision-maker at the debtor company, ensuring your invoice is given the most urgent attention.

Services we provide throughout Brisbane and Gold Coast

Below is a list of debt recovery services we provide throughout Queensland. Please note that prices vary based on location and type of service, so please contact us for more information.

Credit control

This service is ideal for those wanting debt recovery in Brisbane or the Gold Coast but not at the expense of losing the debtor as a future customer. We view ourselves as an extension of your business and as such ensure that our approach is reflective of your qualities and values, maintaining a perfect balance between protecting your brand and recovering your money.

Accounts receivable

In its purest form, this is simply a collection function geared towards regular trading customers and businesses with whom you will continue to supply goods or services. More often than not, you have a trading history with this customer who are normally good payers. This familiarity, however, can sometimes breed complacency on their part and cause those customers to take advantage of your trading terms. Often a letter or phone call from a third party is all it takes to re-establish the status-quo and as a result these customers are likely to be much more vigilant in future. Tackling this problem when it first arises is vital to avoiding debt recovery for your Gold Coast or Brisbane business in the future.

In House Collection Training Sessions

We believe recovering unpaid money is a fundamentally vital role at the heart of any business’s bottom line. Assigning such an important job to inexperienced or overly familiar staff is fraught with danger and because of this, image protection, professional reputation and trading regulations can become compromised. Our in-house coaching, training and development sessions are designed to teach you everything we know about skip tracing and debt recovery in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We understand not every business is the same and as such our sessions are highly personalised and the content taught will be relevant to your sector and client base. We are also big believers in hands-on training techniques and you can expect role-plays, live collection calls and joint call reviewing amongst theory and technical lessons.

Process serving

We are licensed and vastly experienced in serving any sort of legal process throughout Queensland, particularly Brisbane and the Gold Coast, including summons’, examination summons’, subpoenas, etc. If required, we will also make a personal demand for payment on the debtor, explaining the ramifications of the legal action progressing if left unpaid.

Skip tracing

We have a vast array of search engines available to provide efficient debt collection in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We find your absconded debtor and require only last known contact details to get started.

Field calls

We will visit your debtor in person at either their place of residence or employment and always seek payment in full, however more personalised instructions are welcome and we will deliver this message accordingly. We will also use this opportunity to confirm vital information about them, including contact details, employment status, reasons for non-payment etc. Please note, however, that the debtor is under no legal obligation to talk to us and should we be asked to leave, we will always do so immediately.

If you or your business is in need of debt recovery on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane that will actually see results, you can count on us. Please contact us on 07 3205 3218 for more information.