The Enforcement Team!

Without a doubt, the key to getting paid is by creating urgency. Using tight deadlines, explaining what may happen if they don’t pay, telling them it may be out of your hands at 5pm, all that stuff, it all works. That is where this awesome tip comes in- most businesses have a website. And most email addresses are through that website. eg.,, But did you ever think to add: “But I don’t have an “enforcement team” you might be thinking. No, but they don’t know that. Imagine for a moment that you are a debtor who hasn’t paid. The constant reminders you receive get deleted, it is always the same person emailing you over and over. Suddenly one day you get an email from the ENFORCEMENT TEAM. Makes you sit up and take notice right? Everyone with a website and a spare $5 per month for basic email hosting can create their very own enforcement team. Once you have it, here is what you can do:

– Email the customer from Enforcement Team. They don’t know it is just you using an alias. How could they?
– Email the Enforcement Team, cc’ing in the debtor and asking them to proceed at 5pm unless payment is made.
– Email the debtor, cc’ing in the Enforcement Team, finishing your email with a “Enforcement Team- please stand by”.

If I owed you money and I received any of the above, I would pay and I am sure your own debtors will too.

Good luck!

The Enforcement Team!

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