The “Perfect” Debtor

People will always owe money. I resigned myself to that fact many years ago. But if you had to describe the “perfect debtor” it would be this guy I just finished dealing with. He owed a client of ours, a graphic designer, $1100 and we were sent the debt to collect last week. I ring him and leave a voicemail, he calls back within a minute. Incredibly polite, he says how embarrassed he feels about owing the money and apologising profusely for letting our client down so badly. He said he was waiting to be paid himself but emphasised that he wasn’t using that as an excuse, it was just the reality. He paid $500 then and there and promised to pay the remaining $600 by today. He’s just paid it, on time and as promised. But not only that- he also asked me how much our commission has cost the client, so I tell him, and he pays that too even though he doesn’t have to. Because, he says, “they shouldn’t be out of pocket for my stuff up”. What a legend. This guy was the perfect debtor because he:

– Owned his debt and owned his problem.
– Didn’t try to shift the blame.
– Called straight back and spoke with us. How many debtors just ignore you.
– Apologised.
– Kept his promise.
– Paid as promised.
– Ensured not only did the client get their money, but it didn’t cost them anything to do so.

What a champion. I couldn’t help but be endeared by this guy and it’s people like that who you honestly wish all the best to.

The “Perfect” Debtor

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