Welcome to CollectMORE

Everything you have heard about us is true. We are one of Australia's leading debt collection agencies.

Welcome to CollectMORE

We collect debts.  A lot of debts.  Over $12 million dollars worth since we started in 2013.  Our recovery rate is one of the highest in the industry and we regularly collect debts that our competitors could not.   We areRead more

Welcome to CollectMORE The world’s first and only debt prevention and collection smartphone app.  Money Magazine's "App on the month July 2019". FEATURES Tell the app how much you are owed and when it was due, and it will tellRead more

Our training sessions are one of the most popular services we offer. Our founder, Paul Metcalf, will be your trainer and he will teach you and your staff the methods and techniques he has used to collect over $60 millionRead more



PROFESSIONAL, POLITE, EFFICIENT and VERY HELPFUL I emailed Paul the details and signed an authority. Paul immediately set about his work. Within 45 mins I had an email from the person in question apologizing and asking to make payment immediately. Where previously I had months of no contact. The last thing I wanted to do was send a client to a debt collector - it made me feel terrible. However, I am very pleased to say, the matter was resolved without any fuss and incredibly quickly with full payment being made - I had cleared funds the next morning. Paul is a great guy who applies ethics to a very challenging role. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Michael Cooper November 2018

I contacted Collectmore on a Wednesday morning to register a debt to collect. After a phone call from Collectmore that afternoon, the debtor paid the amount owing in full Wednesday night! I cant sing the praises of the whole team highly enough, i am blown away! I have used numerous debt collection agencies over the years with disappointing results and am just so relieved to have finally found an agency that is passionate about what they do and gets results!

Rhiannon R November 2019

Paul and the team at CollectMore (special mention to Kim and Tracy) have been instrumental in recovering a rather large debt ($20,000) from a very difficult and deceitful former client of mine. Their perseverance and professionalism in handling the guy's outlandish accusations towards my business, was short of amazing. They always handled every challenge with impeccable professional attitude and still insisted to have the debt paid. They promptly communicate with me every update they had. They never gave up until the full debt was paid, even after the guy literally blocked all their numbers from his phone. Months ago, I was losing sleep over this client who wasn’t bothering answering my calls or emails. For my small business the size of the debt represented my entire yearly net profit. CollectMore was literally a life saver for my business cash flow. I will most definitely recommend their service to any other small business that find themselves in this situation. CollectMore is now our default Debt Collect business partner and we could not think of a better fit for our business.

Paolo, Evolution Cloud Accounting November 2019

Spoke with Paul at 9am, by 2pm he'd sorted out payment of the outstanding amount. I was blown away with how quick the matter was resolved given I'd be chasing payment for 150 days. Highly recommend the service!

Dave Prince November 2018

I have used so many Debt Collection Companies and Paul and Mel are, without a doubt, the best debt recovery people I have ever used globally. 100% of all invoices have been paid when they have been sent to Collectmore. We have followed their suggestions for inhouse debt recovery, have Terms of Trade and we try our best to resolve it with the client, it gets to a point when you just need a professional to take over. Today within 3 hours Paul was able to recover a debt for us. We have been chasing it for 3 weeks, and 3 days of meetings ending in screaming matches. This morning at 9:30 I sent the file and within 30 minutes Paul has spoken to all 3 parties, and recommend action. I approved and 2.5 hours later we had confirmation of payment in our account. Thank you so much for helping us. I am so grateful that we have a system that works, and when it doesn't we have Collectmore.

Rachel Summer Osborne October 2018

I've referred a few unpaid debts for one of the companies I work for to Paul from CollectMORE Debt Solutions Pty Ltd - He's been BRILLIANT. Super professional, diligent and has taken swift action on everything I've sent through to him. Leaves the previous debt collection agency for dead. It makes a real difference to have someone good chasing the overdue money. If you've got customers who haven't paid, pass them on to Paul. AAA+

Turnkey Receptionist August 2018

A massive thank you to Tracey, Paul and the team for assisting me and receiving a debt paid on my behalf. The team are by far the best in the industry and the entire process was made so seamless and easy. Recovering payments is very stressful and when dealing with someone who was to me rude and agressive, they were able to remove that part of things from my life and allowing me to concentrate on my business. I was kept in the loop with emails and calls. Once money was received I was notified of this and it seriously made my day. I recommended any one to the Collectmore team. The app is brilliant, but the level of care, customer service and support they provide is bar none. Thank you so much. Having you in my corner has provided me to be able to breathe again and now move on to bigger and better things. I cannot recommended the team enough.

Chrissy Symeonakis November 2019

I just want to say a huge thank you to your company for getting my money back so quickly! I believed I would never get it back and you went above and beyond to help me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have restored my faith in humanity!

Krystal Maroschek June 2016