Attention to detail- why having an eagle eye got this $28,000 paid.

Two weeks ago we were sent this large debt to collect from a large industrial company. There was no dispute and they had promised payment countless times to our client before we became involved. So I called them and emailed them threatening to serve a Statutory Demand. About 5 minutes later I received a call from their lawyer promising to pay the full amount that day. As I always do, I asked for them to put it in writing which they did. Lo and behold that day came and went with no payment received. The following day, still crickets……..silence. The lawyer had also seemingly blocked all our numbers. As tempting as issuing the Statutory Demand was, I knew this would give them an extra 21 days to pay which meant more waiting. I wanted the money now! So I went back to his email, the one confirming he would pay. There were 3 people cc’d into that email- 2 of them I was already aware of as they were included in my original email. But this 3rd person was new- I had no idea who they were but clearly they were important enough for him to cc into the email. Some googling later, turns out he was the CFO of the entire parent company. So I sent an email to only him asking straight out “Are you still paying this today or not?”. He replied almost immediately promising to pay it within the hour and sure enough he did.
Guys the moral of this story is this- determination is everything. If they’re not paying then don’t keep doing the same thing. Take a step back, analyze the information they’ve given you and try something else. You must go to them. They will never come to you. If you want your money you must go and get it yourself. Be creative with your approach and think laterally. If one person isn’t paying you then forget about them and find someone else. Even if I didn’t already have that CFO’s email address, I would have googled “(Their company name), CFO” or (“Their company name”, Finance Manager). I would have found it because I refuse to accept defeat.
Cheers guys
Attention to detail- why having an eagle eye got this $28,000 paid.

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