Combining ethical collection techniques that protect your brand with an adaptable approach that gets you paid, we are redefining the debt collection sector and pioneering a change that is long overdue

To be a global powerhouse in the debt collection sector, representing and training companies the world over through ethical techniques designed to eradicate the burden of debt.

When most people think of debt collectors, images of tattooed, heavy set men riding motorcycles and threatening violence spring to mind.  Whilst elements of this approach remain in existence, the reality is in fact vastly removed from this perception and we at Collectmore are at the forefront of this new era.  Redefining the debt collection sector is what drives us and changing the negative stigma attached to what we do is our goal.  We operate under a strict code of conduct and have a tremendous passion for collecting money in an ethical, moral and scrupulous way- a way that truly represents the values of the clients for whom we act.

Paul Metcalf


Owner and managing director Paul Metcalf has spent the last 20 years in the collections sector and brings a tremendous passion and refreshing approach to the industry. This will be highly evident in your dealings with him and will set you at ease knowing your money is in the best of hands.

Paul has held senior management roles in both private and public companies, training and imparting his knowledge on countless staff and innumerable debtors. In addition to this is the many millions of dollars he has personally collected across a vast array of industries including banking, retail, wholesale, insurance and government.

Paul is also a licenced commercial agent, skilled and experienced in serving any sort of legal document.