Founded by Paul Metcalf in February 2013, Collectmore is one of Australia’s leading debt collection agencies.  Based in Brisbane, we have collected over $11 million dollars since we started, and we have over 1000 clients who use our services regularly.

From the very beginning, we wanted to be different.  The perception of debt collectors as threatening and menacing has been around for years, so our initial goal was to prove that this stereotype was outdated and no longer accurate.  Hence the concept of “ethical collections” was born and we are at the forefront of this new era where people who owe money are not treated as criminals, but as human beings simply doing it a little tough.  We treat everyone with respect and dignity- never judging, only understanding.

Here are some FAQ’s about our business:


1. “What do you do exactly?”

We are a debt collection agency, so businesses and individuals who are owed money utilize our services in order to get paid.  We send you an Authority to Act to complete in order to engage us, then you tell us who it is that owes you, how much they owe, and finally how we can contact them.  We then do precisely that, normally the same day, and explain to the customer that you have engaged us to collect the debt and request they make immediate payment of the full amount.

2. “How do you charge?”

We only charge commission on collection, meaning if they don’t pay, then neither do you.  There is no up-front fee, no fee for letters or phone calls, no subscription fee, nothing.  We just take a percentage of what we collect.

3. “What are your rates?”

Here are our commission rates:

Debt amount                                   Commission rate

$0 – $1000                                            35%

$1000 – $6000                                     25%

$6000 – $10,000                                 20%

$10,000 and over                                15%

(all plus GST)

4.  “What is your success rate?”

Our recovery rate is currently around 72%, which is more than double the industry average.  We regularly collect debts that other collection agencies couldn’t, such are our effective methods and techniques.

5.  “How much have you collected in total?”

Well over $12 million dollars and counting.  Rest assured, we know our stuff!

6.  “How many staff do you have?”

We have 9 full time staff.

7.  “I have been referred to you guys- are you as good as everyone says?”

Absolutely.  We are well aware of our incredible reputation and we work extremely hard to exceed the high expectations people have of us.

8.  “What do you need from me to get started?”

Just a copy of the outstanding invoices, some contact details for the customer and a signed copy of our Authority to Act form.

9.  “How long does it take for you to get my money?”

This is an impossible question to answer, with far too many variables to consider.  Rest assured though, because we only get paid when you do, we are incredibly motivated and we always aim to have some money back for you the same day.

10.  “How often do you provide updates?”

Generally we provide fortnightly updates, however if we have received contact or a payment from your customer, we will let you know immediately.