Our training sessions are one of the most popular services we offer.  Our founder, Paul Metcalf, will be your trainer and he has taught some of the largest corporations in Australia, including:



His knowledge, experience and skills are highly sought after and he travels across the country teaching businesses how to get paid.  People call him the “Debtor Whisperer”!  Want to know how to handle the first call to a customer without coming across as pushy?  He will teach you.  Want to know how to follow up effectively in writing?  He will teach you.  Want to ensure your business is as protected as possible from the pain of a bad debt?  He will teach you.  In fact, whether you choose our all-day session, half-day session, or 2 hour seminar, you will feel at ease knowing you are learning from the very best.  During the session he will make live debt-collection calls to your debtors, so you can hear exactly what he says and how he says it.  His methods are incredibly effective and you and your staff will benefit immensely from listening to how he does it.  In almost all sessions he will collect you more than the cost of the session itself.  Any money he collects for you on the day is all yours.

Each session is specifically tailored to your business.  Some other aspects covered will include:

–       How to research new customers.

–       How to get credit applications and directors guarantees completed and signed.

–       How to screen potential bad debtors.

–       How to prevent a bad debt.

–       How to make the first call.

–       How to ask for your money without upsetting the customer.

–       How to get paid then and there.

–       How to create urgency and motivate the customer to pay.

–       How legal action works.

–       How credit defaults work.

Costs as follows:

$3000 for a 4 hour half day session (9.00am to 1:00pm or 1:00pm to 5.00pm)
$4000 for a full day, 7 hour session

(plus GST)

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