We collect debts.  A lot of debts.  Over $12 million dollars worth since we started in 2013.  Our recovery rate is one of the highest in the industry and we regularly collect debts that our competitors could not.  

We are unashamed fans of money, and will pursue your debt like it is our own.  The fact we only get paid when you do keeps us motivated, focused and completely determined to succeed.  

Our debt collection process is very simple:

  1. You complete and sign our Authority to Act form to officially engage our services.
  2. You email us the outstanding invoices you would like collected along with some contact information for your customer.
  3. We get started immediately and always aim to have your money back to you that day or within a week at the latest.  Obviously this is dependent on your customers’ ability to pay, however our methods have been refined and perfected over many years and will motivate even the most hardened and seasoned debtors to part with the money that is rightfully yours.

If your customer pays into our trust account, we transfer the funds to you the same day, either withholding our commission and GST, or transferring you the full amount and sending you an invoice.  Most other debt collectors only do this once per month.  We do it every day.


Our commission rates* are as follows:

Debt amount:

$400 – $1000:                  35%

$1000 – $6000:               25%

$6000 – $10,000:            20%

Over $10,000:                  15%

*As of 1st March 2020.  (All plus GST)  Unfortunately we cannot collect debts under $400.

All we need to get started are copies of your outstanding invoices, contact details for the customer and our Authority to Act form signed.  Please contact us for a copy of this form.

We look forward to reuniting you with your money!

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