We collect debts. A lot of debts! Over $8 million dollars worth since we started in 2013. Companies across Australia, big and small, rely on us to recover their money for them and we do so swiftly and efficiently. We take tremendous pride in our work and love reuniting people with the money that they deserve.

We also only charge commission on amounts collected, meaning if they don’t pay, you don’t pay. Simple. We are unashamedly huge fans of money though and no one is more motivated to get you paid than us.

Our commission rates* are as follows:

Debt amount:

$0 – $1000:                    33%

$1000 – $6000:               23%

$6000 – $10,000:            18%

Over $10,000:                13%

*As of 1st July 2018.  (All plus GST)

All we need to get started are copies of your outstanding invoices, contact details for the customer and our Authority to Act form signed.  Please contact us for a copy of this form. We always make contact with the debtor the same day and try to have some money back for you by the end of that day.

Act now, before it’s too late and your customer either goes bankrupt or disappears.

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