Why don’t people pay their debts?

This, my friends, is a billion dollar question. And here is the billion dollar answer- they don’t NEED to. Create the need and you’ll be paid. How else do you explain the $2.5 million dollars we collected in 2023 within 1 day of receiving the debt. 1 phone call or 1 email. $2.5 million dollars. That’s right- they had the money all along. Because we created the need we got paid. People have the money- they just prefer to keep it than give it to you. And is it any wonder? Here are the benefits of having money in your account:
– Interest. Current personal and business savings rates are averaging around 4-5%. Free money. Why would they give it to you when they can earn free money by keeping it.
– It makes you feel richer. Who doesn’t feel happy seeing their account with lots of money in it. Endorphins are real.
– You can spend it! On wants that is, not needs.
People will pay when they need to. Not when they should. Or can. When they need to. Yesterday I collected $10,000 from 3 different debtors who all told me they had no money. Were waiting to be paid. Could only go on a payment plan. But between the 3 of them they managed to come up with $10,000 in a few hours just because I asked the question “What is the absolute most you can pay today to stop any legal action?”. One guy admitted he had $6000 in his account which he could pay literally 2 minutes after claiming he was broke.
Guys people have money. Create the need and relieve them of it. Rely on them to pay you out of the goodness of their heart and you’re fighting against the 3 benefits above. I know which one I would have my money on.
Why don’t people pay their debts?

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