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Welcome to CollectMORE

Everything you have heard about us is true. We are one of Australia's most successful and renowned debt collection agencies.


We collect debts.  A lot of debts.  Over $12 million dollars worth since we started in 2013.  Our recovery rate is one of the highest in the industry and we regularly collect debts that our competitors could not.   We areRead more

Welcome to CollectMORE The world’s first and only debt prevention and collection smartphone app.  Money Magazine's "App on the month July 2019". FEATURES Tell the app how much you are owed and when it was due, and it will tellRead more

Our training sessions are one of the most popular services we offer.  Our founder, Paul Metcalf, will be your trainer and he has taught some of the largest corporations in Australia, including:     His knowledge, experience and skills areRead more



Incredible service form Paul and the team at CollectMORE. It was 7.30pm on a Friday night and I wanted to check a business before doing a big job for them the next day, and I messaged CollectMORE to see if they could check if this client was a reliable client after I noticed a couple of red flags. They went to work and did a credit check on the client and then sent me a credit report and told me to stay away from them. They have potentially saved me a lot of stress, drama and money by avoiding these parasites that take advantage of small businesses. Thanks heaps guys, it's really good to have someone so prompt and reliable we can turn to in times like these.

Gavin Simpson January 2022

10/10 I can not recommend enough. I have unfortunately had to use the services of a debt collector a couple of times now, and Collectmore were incredible both times! My worries were gone as soon as I handed the invoices over to the team, they kept me up to date and got my money back in a couple of days. As a small business owner its reassuring that there is recourse and accountability for those that don't cough up! Hopefully I never need to use them again but if I do, I know I am in great hands. I recommend to anyone.

Millie January 2022

Thank you so much for helping my small business recover the overdue funds from my client. I appreciate all the time and correspondence you put in to connect and work with both parties. I would recommend that anyone needing help collecting a debt call Paul in a heartbeat! I can’t thank him enough for dealing with the situation for me.

Rachel Woodcock February 2022

Spoke with Paul at 9am, by 2pm he'd sorted out payment of the outstanding amount. I was blown away with how quick the matter was resolved given I'd be chasing payment for 150 days. Highly recommend the service!

Dave Prince November 2021

If you're toying with the idea of hiring a debt collector, DO IT! Paul is amazing — it's nothing like the scary movie type image you might have in your head. I had a debt of around $3K owing for almost 2 years that I had more or less written off when someone recommended Collectmore. Paul arranged a payment plan and the debt is no more. It's been part of my life for so long, I almost miss it :)

Sara Mulcahy October 2021

As a small business owner I highly recommend Paul and the team at CollectMORE. Unpaid invoices can be extremely stressful, but I often refer to Paul and his team as being magicians because they are able to recover debt so quickly. They have amazing communication skills and ensure you feel supported throughout the process. I could not recommend them more.

Michelle Trimble December 2021

Business can be hard and you often feel like you have to face money battles alone. Paul and his awesome team are the people you need on your side to help recover money owed. They get results; it’s impressive and comforting at the same time. I could not recommend them more highly - get them in your corner and they won’t let you down.

Kristen Boschma November 2021

I used the services of CollectMORE today for the first time. I emailed them at 9.30am this morning regarding a small debt that needed to be collected. By 12.40pm Paul, the managing director, emailed me to say check my account, payment should be there. To my surprise it was. I had been contacting this client of mine endlessly for almost 4 months to no avail. A simple email, a form and limited information to CollectMORE now has my debt paid. Was so easy and I'm so happy. I cannot recommend this company enough. Thank you Paul.

Narelle Ross June 2021