Email template to use to get paid by June 30

Hi everyone! Ok, I have for you all, what could be one of the most effective email templates you have ever used, that I strongly recommend you send to your outstanding customers from tomorrow. I am highly confident this will get you paid, however you probably need to be registered for GST to get the full benefit:

Good morning/afternoon…..

I write today regarding the above-mentioned (invoice number(s) in your email subject line) that remains outstanding in the amount of ($$ debt amount).

Despite numerous attempts to work with you to get this paid, no recent payments have been received and today I have to make a decision on further action, which may involve legal action, default listing, engagement of a debt collection agency and also the revoking of your credit facility with us.

In an effort to help you avoid this, please make payment of at least 50% of the outstanding balance by this Friday 24th June 2016 and the remaining balance by Thursday 30th June 2016. Doing so will also allow you to claim back 10% of this invoice within days if you choose to lodge your BAS straight away. You can also use our invoice as an expense this financial year, again possibly saving you considerable money, along with starting the new financial year fresh and with one less headache to worry about.

Our bank details to make payment into are:

BANK- (your bank)
Account Name- (your account name)
BSB- (your BSB number)
Account Number- (your account number)
Reference- (invoice number)

Please let me know urgently, by the end of today, if you would like to take advantage of this offer and I will ensure the matter does not leave my desk.

There you go guys. Good luck and I really hope it helps you all.

Email template to use to get paid by June 30

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