The emotions of the business owner and how to deal with them

Hi guys! Last week I posted about emotions I am sure we can all relate to as business owners. It was extremely heart warming to see this post resonate with so many people, now safe in the knowledge that they are not alone. I thought today I would share with you all how I personally deal with each emotion and I really hope this helps everyone in this awesome roller coaster journey we are all on! So here goes:

1. Frustration- Big deep breaths, in and out, eyes closed. Focus only on what I can control and remove those things I cannot from my mind. Remind myself of previous successes to ensure confidence does not wane.

2. Fear- I rationalize and I overcome. A cancer diagnosis is scary, a crashing plane is scary, death is scary- running a business while doing what you love with the worst case scenario being you have to go back to your old job if it all goes bad- pffft give me a break!

3. Boredom- I go for a walk, I play playstation, I listen to music or stream a movie. Again, I worry only about the things I can control.

4. Jealousy- Rationalise, once more- I remind myself that of course there is someone, many people in fact, doing far better in business than me. And I am ok with that, because I know there is also plenty of people out there doing worse.

5. Elation- I bloo**dy well enjoy it!!! I embrace it, I grab it with both hands and smile because I work damn hard and I deserve it!

Thanks for listening guys! Every single day, I see so much self-doubt and lack of confidence from business owners who are awesome at what they do, they just don’t know it. As far as I am concerned, if you have made even one sale in your business, that is one less than your competitors, and you deserve that pat on your back! Cheers

The emotions of the business owner and how to deal with them

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