End of Financial Year demand template

Good morning/afternoon (customer’s name)

I write again regarding the above-mentioned (invoice number in subject line) which remains outstanding in the amount of ($$$ amount).  Despite numerous attempts to speak with you and organise payment, this amount is now seriously overdue and with the end of financial year looming, I need to decide how to proceed.

I have absolutely no doubt when you engaged us you had full intentions of paying, as I like to think I am a very good judge of character and you certainly didn’t strike me as the type who rips people off.  So let’s work together to fix this please- we both want the same thing at the end of the day, so instead of involving debt collectors, or me taking legal action or listing a black mark on your credit file, let’s get this paid and put it behind us so we can both start the new financial year with a clean slate.

Here is my proposal to you:

  • I put all action on hold provided $100 is paid into our account today.
  • Payment of the remaining balance is made by 3pm Thursday 28th June 2018.

Here are our bank account details to pay into:

  • (Bank name)
  • (Account name)
  • (BSB number)
  • Account number)

Unfortunately if the deadline passes without payment, we will be proceeding and I will be unable to assist you any further.

Many thanks in advance (customer’s name) and once I have received this initial $100, I will confirm for you that all enforcement action has now been put on hold.


End of Financial Year demand template

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