Final email demand template for 2015

Hi everyone, hope you have all had a great week!
Well I am sure many of us have downed tools for the year already, but given 4 days next week are still official business days, you still have time to get paid the money you may be owed from those pesky invoices. Christmas Eve 24th December is a great deadline to use, and as such I have drafted a template email below for all of you to use if you would like:


Dear (customers name)

I write again regarding the above (invoice numbers in subject line) which remains outstanding in the amount of $(amount).

Unfortunately, given the fact this account is way outside our acceptable trading terms and there has been no payment made to date, we are considering commencing immediate further action. If payment in full or at least 50% of the amount owing is not paid by 4:00pm Thursday 24th December 2015, the matter will be out of my hands. I understand this deadline is Christmas eve however I am due to meet with my team to discuss your account that day and any unpaid accounts as at 4pm will be escalated.

Our bank details to make payment into are:

BANK- (Bank name)
ACCOUNT NAME- (Account name)
BSB- (BSB number)
ACCOUNT NUMBER- (Account number)

Could you please make payment urgently before this deadline and email me once done so I can take you off the list. This is extremely important. I understand you may also be closing for Christmas so I trust paying this debt before you close, allowing you to enjoy your time off without the worry of enforcement action, is your preferred option and I look forward to working with you to achieve this.

Await your most urgent response.


Final email demand template for 2015

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