How to get paid before Christmas

How to get paid before Christmas. HI guys, look I am not going to beat around the bush here, it is bloody tough to get paid in December. However, there are things you can do to increase your chances significantly, and one of them is using this email template which I have typed up for you all to use:

Dear (customer first name)

I write again regarding the above (invoice numbers in subject line) which remains outstanding in the amount of ($debt amount). Given Christmas is just around the corner, all our outstanding accounts are being reviewed and your account has been flagged today for me to make a decision on. To ensure no further action is taken, we require at least 50% of the debt to be paid by close of business this Friday 16th December 2016 and the remaining balance by Wednesday 21st December 2016. Our account details to pay into are as follows:

(BSB, Account number, Bank, Account name)

Please send a receipt for both payments and I will have them allocated immediately to ensure you do not miss the deadline. I trust you can understand our position here and have no doubt you would be doing the same if you were in my shoes, so let’s work together so we can both enjoy our Christmas without this headache any longer. If you are agreeable to this proposal, please reply with just a YES and I will do the rest.


Guys, the reasons this email will work are:
– It is personable and sounds personalized, not generic.
– It encourages them to see things from your perspective which softens the blow and allows them to empathize.
– It strongly encourages a response
– It creates a picture in their mind of their life and their Christmas without this debt hanging over their head.

Cheers guys, and remember iPhone users- the free Lite version of CollectMORE 2.0 is available for you to download right now!!

How to get paid before Christmas

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