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Good afternoon/morning (customer’s name)

I write again regarding the above-mentioned (invoice number in subject line) which remains outstanding in the amount of ($$ amount).

Despite numerous opportunities to make payment, we haven’t received anything from you and I have decided that today is the day a line in the sand needs to be drawn. I simply cannot wait any longer without a payment and really hope you can empathise with my position and understand why I have made this decision.

Having said all this, I have no doubt back in (month customer engaged you for this work) when you gave me the go-ahead, it was always your intention to pay in full so whatever has happened between now and then is something I am sure we can overcome without the need for lawyers or debt collectors or legal action.

What I am proposing is this- you pay $100 today and we then work together to clear the balance as quickly as possible. In return, I put all collection action on hold and the matter stays on my desk. If an affordable repayment arrangement is the best you can offer, that should be absolutely fine. Let’s just get the ball rolling with the $100 today, and we can go from there.

Our bank account details to pay into are:

BANK- (Your bank)
ACCOUNT NAME- (Your account name)
BSB- (Your BSB number)
ACCOUNT NUMBER- (Your account number)
REFERENCE NUMBER- (Invoice number)

Once the $100 has been paid, please email the receipt and let me know when suits to discuss the balance.

Many thanks (customers name) and I am glad we are able to fix this before it gets worse.

Olive branch template

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