Date:              Wednesday 27th November 2019

Time:              10:00am to 12:00pm AEST

Ticket cost:   $50 plus GST

Details:           Debt collecting, accounts receivable, invoicing, accounts, chasing overdue invoices- whatever you want to call it, the mere mention of this job often fills even the most savvy business owners with dread.  There is no doubt that chasing outstanding invoices is a tough job, and perfecting it is an art form.  The wrong tone of voice or a mere slip of the tongue can have catastrophic consequences and the customer will intentionally not pay just to spite you.  Conversely, a passive, softly-softly approach can have the same effect and the customer won’t take you or your demands seriously.  If you are having to chase them for money, you can be almost certain other suppliers are too and if funds are in short supply, the customer will simply pay who is the most likable and who is creating the most urgency.  How to make sure this is you every single time is what you will learn during this exclusive webinar.

At the end of the session, you will know how to:

  • Get paid whilst keeping the customer.
  • Create adequate urgency so the customer knows you mean business.
  • Remove the emotion and focus only on your money.
  • Help the customer in order to get them to pay.
  • Follow up and ensure they pay as promised.
  • Handle a call effectively.

You will walk out of the session a changed person, with a brand new appreciation of your own ability to ensure all customers pay on time, every time.

Presenter:     Nationally-recognized debt collection guru Paul Metcalf, who has personally collected over $50 million in his career.


– 2 hour intense debt collection training session covering top 50 ways to prevent and collect a debt.

– Full version of our CollectMORE debt collection smartphone app which is currently in the Top 50 iTunes charts.

– Two, full-function credit application and engagement forms for all your new customers to complete.

– Email and letter templates to use along with various other learning resources.

Availability:   Places are EXTREMELY limited to 50 only and will sell out very quickly.

How to book:  See above to buy tickets and secure your place at this exclusive training session.





1 review for BE PAID- WEBINAR

  1. Paul Metcalf

    Paul is very passionate about helping small business owners recover debts quickly. He suggests some very easy solutions and tools to use immediately within your business to assist with managing and reducing outstanding debts. There are no strings attached – purely just excellent, practical information for small business. Paul is a very engaging speaker and you won’t regret attending one of his seminars.
    Nicolette Lincoln, July 2019

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