SMS templates to get you PAID!

SMS templates- here you go guys. If using these when you are chasing a customer for money don’t get you paid, I don’t know what will. Feel free to share this post also, you have my full blessing. The information in brackets is what you will need to add yourself:

SMS 1- (invoice only just overdue)

Hi there (customers name) I hope you are well. I was just hoping you could please pay our invoice today as it was due for payment on the (due date). Our terms are very strict however our customers like this as it allows us to concentrate on providing a superior product and service rather than performing unnecessary admin tasks. Do you need me to text you our account details to pay into (customers name)? Many thanks

SMS 2- (invoice over 7 days overdue)

Hi there (customers name), can you please make payment of our outstanding invoice today? If you need a copy of it, just say the word. It was due on the (due date). Our bank account details to pay into are:
Bank- (bank name)
Account name- (account name)
BSB- (BSB number)
Account number (account number)
Can you please text the receipt number or MMS the screenshot of the receipt as soon as you have done it, just so I can note your file. Thanks (customers name)

SMS 3- (invoice over 14 days overdue)

Hi (customers name) I am genuinely concerned about this outstanding invoice now as I was hoping you would have paid it by now. Is everything ok? If you need a copy of the invoice to make payment, just say the word. I need to make a decision by 5pm today, so please text me back urgently. Thank you (customers name)

SMS templates to get you PAID!

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