The Bride and Groom who never paid for their big day!

I can forgive many things and anyone who knows me knows that I generally see the best in people, including those we are chasing for money. But some things are just inexcusable- getting married, having an extravagant wedding but not paying the venue is one of these things. We were just given a debt to collect from a resort who are owed $8700 by the bride and groom. Venue was booked in early 2018, deposit was paid, more pre-payments were made, arrangements to pay the remainder on the day were agreed on, wedding went ahead without a hitch…..crickets and tumbleweeds from the new Mr and Mrs every since. I mean, what sort of omen is this for their marriage that it started out basically as fraud. And I know weddings are expensive. I really do. But if you can’t afford it, don’t get married!! And for those wondering whether it was just an accidental oversight- no, it wasn’t. They have ignored countless phone calls, countless reminders, and an official Letter of Demand.

Rant over. We will collect this debt. Make no mistake of that, my team and I are collectively aghast at the behavior of this couple. And it will be a sweet victory when we do, for the venue and for everyone else as appalled by this story as we are.


The Bride and Groom who never paid for their big day!

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