Want to get paid TODAY? Do this!

Right, everyone- here it is. The Bible, the Commandments, the Rulebook- stripped back to basics, no fluff or fancy buzzwords- just the facts. This is 17 years and $45 million worth of $$ collected talking, so please, trust me- this works! I give to you the be all and end all of “How to” lists:

How to get paid TODAY!

1. Ask “What is the absolute most you can pay today?”. These 9 words are God. Anyone can always pay something that day- you just need to ask them. And remember that any money is always better than no money. Never think in absolutes- full amount or zero- think more laterally than that and you will be stunned at what happens.

2. Help, don’t hinder. Yes it seems counter-productive, yes there is no one who deserves your help less than the customer who hasn’t paid you, but helping them gets you paid. It is as simple as that. 99% of people who owe money owe other people too, and they will prioritize who gets what- be likeable, build rapport, suggest things to help them find your money. This is easier than it sounds trust me. People hate owing money and they will remember those who reached out to them in their time of need- so swallow that pride, and remember- it is all about the money.

3. Create urgency. Use strict deadlines and let your customer know in no uncertain terms what may happen if they do not pay. 5pm today. Close of business Friday. 12pm tomorrow. It doesn’t matter- just give them a deadline and make sure you stick to it.

4. Never ever argue. See number 2 above. So many business owners get this wrong. Their focus shifts from getting paid to getting even and you can be damn sure there is no way back from there. Yes your customer will antagonize you and swear and kick and scream- just……don’t……bite. Say this: “Look I don’t know why you are acting like this when all I am trying to do is help, if you don’t have the money please just say so and we can look at other options ok”. Lose the fight if it means winning the war.

5. Give them your bank details! Text them- email them- have them write them down on the phone and repeat them back. The less you need to rely on your customer to get paid, the better.

There you go everyone. So much of this I am sure seems like common sense, but trust me- it’s not! Small businesses in Australia are owed $46 billion right now, a figure which would be halved if everyone followed these commandments. I hope this helps you all. Cheers, Paul Metcalf- Managing Director, CollectMORE Debt Solutions Pty Ltd

Want to get paid TODAY? Do this!

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