Want to get paid before the end of financial year?

EOFY Demand template.
Many people have asked us for this so without further adieu here is a demand you can use this week to hopefully get paid before Friday. Remember, to get them to pay, your customer MUST benefit. If they don’t then your invoice will just remain where it is, a problem for next Financial Year. Just add your debt amount next to the dollar sign and away you go. Cheers
Good morning/afternoon,
I am writing today in regards to the outstanding $…. you still owe. It is disappointing to have to write emails like this but I thought it was prudent given the time of year. This Friday is the 30th June 2023, the last day of the financial year. The purpose of this email is to request payment of the full amount you owe before then. The potential benefits to you are numerous- not only will it allow you to start the new financial year with one less headache and one less debt to worry about, you should be able to claim it as an expense this year and receive the associated tax benefits much sooner. I am sure you want this debt off your books as much as I do so here is your chance. If you wish to pay this week then just reply to this email with the words “I do” and I will do the rest. If I do not hear back from you though I will assume you’re not interested and will proceed accordingly. As I said, we both want the same thing- let’s get it done this week so we both benefit.
Want to get paid before the end of financial year?

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