3 common debtor statements and the best recommended response

Here are a quick 3 common debtor statements you will hear and the best possible responses:

1. “My solicitor will be in touch, I will ask him to call you.”
“No that is ok, no need, I will call him myself for you now, save you some money so he doesn’t charge you for an outgoing call. What is his name, number and firm?”

2. “I am going bankrupt so do what you’ve got to do”
“Ah ok I am really sorry to hear things are tough at the moment, however bankruptcy is an extreme step with many serious consequences. How about this as an alternative- we agree on an affordable payment plan that you are comfortable with and work together to help you avoid bankruptcy”

3. “Your invoice is only 2 weeks overdue, we pay all our suppliers at 60 days so you will just have to wait.”
“I am pleased we are on the same page with agreeing the invoice is overdue, however please remember that it is our company terms that you are bound by, not the other way around. We do not have a credit application from you and given this is the first time we have done work for you, I trust you can understand my unease. We cannot extend this out to 60 days and I am sure all your other suppliers have accounts and a trading history with you whereas we do not. We really do need payment today otherwise it will be out of my hands.”

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3 common debtor statements and the best recommended response

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