Are you owed money from 2020? This is for you!

Nope, you aren’t imagining things- it really is that hard getting paid at the moment! The old January hangover- happens every time. This January however seems to be worse than normal so if you are chasing outstanding invoices from last year, just know that you most certainly are not alone.
So now that we have identified the problem, how do we fix it? Good question! I thought you’d never ask! Here are some things to try:
– Sell them 2020 closure. It’s a brand new year with brand new opportunities and a fresh, new mindset. Say something like “Obviously this outstanding invoice is overdue from last year and I am sure we could both do with getting rid of it and focusing on 2021, what do you say?”. The “we” is really powerful here- an outstanding invoice is a joint, shared problem and often this is forgotten. You both want the same thing- they don’t want to owe it and you don’t want them to owe it. Share the problem and you suddenly have something in common- a shared interest. This works really well.
– Be persistent and consistent. Now isn’t the time to let them come to you- you have to go to them. Call them every day, text them every second day, email them every third day. You have to get on the front foot and do more than you normally would. And do it more often. Soon they will get the hint that you aren’t going away and they will pay just to get you to stop.
– Don’t forget your old friends: leverage and his old mate, urgency. You always have the former and can always create the latter. Leverage- credit default, legal action or as of the 1st January- Statutory Demand if your debt is more than $2000 and the debtor is a Pty Ltd company. The Covid restrictions for these are over so go nuts. Urgency- tight deadline. 5pm that day, 10am tomorrow otherwise it is “escalated and out of your hands”.
Are you owed money from 2020? This is for you!

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