Debtor profile no. 81- “Arrogant Angus”

Everyone has dealt with an Arrogant Angus I am sure. Full of themselves, not short on confidence and always on the phone, they can be a nightmare to get money out of.
– Massive ego
– Refers to themselves as a “disruptive entrepreneur” on their Linkedin profile.
– Screens calls
– When they do answer the phone, it is with their full name only
– Says they will “get my accounts team to look into it” when you know for a fact it is just them in the business.
– Demanding, pushy and always expects everything yesterday.
– Drives a $200,000 Mercedes with personalized plates that you know for a fact is under finance.
How to get paid:
Arrogant Angus’s are actually very predictable and easy to collect from. All you have to to do is hurt their ego. Saying something like “Clearly you don’t have the money so is a payment plan a better option for you?”. It is absolutely vital that you stand up to them as often all the characteristics above are a facade and deep down you are dealing with a very vulnerable and insecure individual who projects an image of affluence and success purely to make themselves feel better. Arrogant Angus’s actually respect people who aren’t a pushover so make sure you fight fire with fire. They will start off incredibly dismissive, with the attitude that your invoice is something they will get to when they have time and that your “little business” can wait. The answer to this Angus is no, it can’t. Tight deadlines work well too and always make sure you threaten their credit file.
Cheers guys.
Debtor profile no. 81- “Arrogant Angus”

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