Boom! A win for the good guys!!

A client of ours came to us 5 months ago as they were owed $3000 for a kitchen bench install they completed for a customer. First invoice had been paid without delay. Same with the second progress payment. Customer is delighted, client is delighted. But then it came to paying the final $3000 invoice and suddenly their new kitchen was “all wrong, not what we wanted, and I’m not paying”. Debt comes to us, same story. A bunch of lies. Client considers writing it off because the customer was being so incredibly offensive, but we convince them to sue and they did. The VCAT hearing was set down for next week. Suddenly, out of the blue yesterday the customer calls the client begging to stop the hearing and then pays the whole $3000. Apparently all their dinner guests couldn’t stop raving about their new kitchen!

Moral of the story- stand your ground. Don’t ever settle for less than what you deserve. Some customers are just a** holes.

Cheers and happy Friday to all!!

Boom! A win for the good guys!!

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