Are you still owed money from 2019?

Are you still owed money from 2019?

Then read on.

It’s hard to believe it is March already. 2019 seems so last year ? If you are still waiting to be paid however, right now is the time for action. Your invoice is now at least 60 days overdue, meaning if it’s more than $150, you can credit default them. Don’t do it unless you threaten it first however and don’t threaten it unless you intend to follow through.

Here are some other ways to get paid:

– Offer closure. Explain to your customer that you are finalising all your 2019 matters and would like to include their invoice on that list. Explain that you’re sure they would like to do the same, and then you can both concentrate on 2020.

– In an email to the customer, make the subject line “Your outstanding invoice from last year”. This makes it seem so much more overdue than it actually is and will prompt them to pay much sooner.

– Mention that you are now able to default them if it’s more than $150 and tell them you are currently “assessing their invoice”. Vague terms like this when used in a urgent way are gold.

– Consider offering them a small discount if they pay today. This doesn’t have to be much- even knocking $20 off for a swift settlement can work wonders.

– Keep the pressure on and try to stay motivated. The mere fact that the invoice is from last year can make it seem too hard and you may have considered writing it off. But please just don’t. You did the work or supplied the product- you deserve to be paid. Remember you still have another 5 years to pursue them.

Cheers guys

Are you still owed money from 2019?

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