CollectMORE App update- COMING SOON!!

CollectMORE App!! Ladies and gents, the time has come. For those who have our smartphone app, a brand new release is on its way. CollectMORE 2.0 is now used regularly by more than 3000 small businesses in Australia and the number continues to grow daily. It has been directly responsible for recovering over $1.8 million in outstanding invoices that I know of and this new version is going to have:

– 4 more email and SMS templates for you to use.
РGenerate and send an official Letter of Demand from within the app.
– A simple, one page engagement form for your customer to complete, allowing you to on-charge any late fees and collection fees.
– A dedicated training section teaching you how to get your invoices paid.
– Ability to add the PayId linked to your bank details, once this launches, making paying you the simplest thing your customer will do that day.

I am so excited about bringing this to you all as I know many hundreds of our fans swear by the app and have used it to get paid. Cheers

CollectMORE App update- COMING SOON!!

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