New Customer Engagement Form

Ladies and gents, we come bearing gifts! Without a shadow of doubt, the question we get asked more than any other is “Can I add your collection fees onto my debt?”. Our answer is always “No, unless you have a written agreement from the customer”. Most don’t, and unfortunately the business owner has to wear this cost themselves. Until now! We give to you, our beloved followers- A New Customer Engagement Form. Your very own, to tweak and personalise how you wish. This form will allow you to:

– Charge 6% interest on overdue invoices. – Add any and all debt collection fees to the debt.
– Be covered in the event the customer denies they ever engaged you.
– Collect important contact information.
– Give your business a very professional look and feel.

Feel free to share this form with anyone and everyone you like. The more people who benefit, the better.

And here it is in PDF format:…/2018/02/engagementformfina…

New Customer Engagement Form

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