Debtors stalling and blaming Christmas? You need to read this!

With Christmas only 13 days away, there is a mad rush on making sure cash flow is healthy enough to cover the downtime, so here are some common statements you will hear from customers and the best possible response:

Them: “Geez it’s Christmas, I can’t pay until the new year”
Best response: “Unfortunately without a payment today I can’t guarantee further action won’t be taken and whilst I know it is a tough time of year, this increases the need for us to be even more vigilant which I hope you can understand. What is the absolute most you can pay today?”

Them: “We are closing down until mid January so you will just have to wait”
Best response: “Ok well I am sure you deserve a break and hope you have a good Christmas, however we need a payment today to ensure the matter doesn’t leave my desk. How about we do half today and the balance in the first week of January, that way I can ensure there is no chance of your Christmas being ruined”

Them: “Look I know it is outstanding but I just don’t have time to look at it until the new year”
Best response: “Yeah it sounds like you are as time poor as me, but I simply can’t guarantee we can wait until then- please just make a goodwill payment for me today, and I will put everything on hold until then, this way we both win”

Good luck guys!

Debtors stalling and blaming Christmas? You need to read this!

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