Ever wondered where the money from a debt payment goes? Wonder no more!

I am regularly asked what life as a debt collector is like and people are shocked when I tell them that for me, it is simply the most rewarding job on earth. From now on I am also going to tell them this story- yesterday I collected $14,000 for a small diesel fitter and his wife- pretty standard stuff, all in a day’s work. But to this diesel fitter and his family, this $14,000 was his livelihood, and his wife was in tears when I told her the good news. I decided to do something I’d never done before and asked them how they were planning on spending the money. This is what they said:

$3000 to their parts supplier
$2020 to their landlord for rent
$1477 to their mobile electrician for his work on the job
$600 to their sales rep for his weekly salary
$590 to their 3rd year apprentice for his weekly salary
$1000 to their web designer who had been so patiently waiting for their money
$1100 to their fuel supplier
And finally $3000 for themselves as they hadn’t paid themselves a salary for months, some of which was going to go towards paying for a long overdue holiday.

That is 9 different people that have benefitted from this $14,000. 10 if you include myself and our 10% commission. 11 if you include their customer who now has one less debt to worry about! I truly love my work and hearing what profound and far reaching effects it has on others is why I do it!

Ever wondered where the money from a debt payment goes? Wonder no more!

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