Fast 5 Tips

1. If your customer is a business, establishing their correct entity is a must. ABN Lookup is good for this but if you’re still stuck, the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy section of their website is also a goldmine. It’s almost always at the bottom of their homepage.
2. If they promise to pay, always confirm in writing and ALWAYS ask them to reply to indicate they agree.
3. Remember to ask those magic words: “What is the absolute most you can pay today?”.
4. Always hit redial when you try calling if they don’t answer the first time. 2 missed calls gives a sense of urgency and decreases the likelihood they will think it’s a scam. Scammers normally never try twice- they just move onto the next number.
5. If your customer is a Pty Ltd company, not disputing the debt and it’s more than $4000, then mention a Creditors Statutory Demand. These things are lethal and will give them 21 days to pay in full or run the risk of being wound up.
Cheers guys
Fast 5 Tips

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