EOFY Demand template

Here you go folks. If this doesn’t get you some money in the next 2 weeks then nothing will. Feel free to use liberally and share with anyone you think will benefit. Just add your customer’s name, your bank details and the amount and hopefully watch the $$$ roll in. Obviously the $100 token payment can be increased if needed too. $100 is historically in our experience just the most common amount almost everyone has access to at any one time.
Good morning/afternoon ……….
I am writing today regarding our outstanding invoice/s and confirm you still owe $…….. I don’t know what has caused you to overlook this payment but I am sending this email today in an effort to help you resolve it. I am almost certain it was never your intention to not pay so I propose a line in the sand, here and now. We both agree to fix this problem before Thursday 30th June 2022. If you can commit to paying the full amount before then, I will commit to holding fire on enforcing the debt. All I ask is that you put $100 into our bank account below today and in the reference section simply write your name and the words: I WILL PAY.
Here they are:
BANK-                                                   (your bank)
ACCOUNT NAME-                             (your account name)
BSB-                                                       (your BSB number)
ACCOUNT NUMBER-                       (your account number)
Remember to write I WILL PAY so I know it’s from you.
Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing back from you urgently.  Obviously if you’d rather pay the whole amount today so you can stop worrying then please do.  Feel free to use those 3 words too.  Whatever you do though, please just don’t ignore me.  This is the worst thing you can do as all it will do is make me more and more determined to recover this money.
EOFY Demand template

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