Final Demand email template

Morning everyone. I thought I would provide you all with an awesome email template that I use as a final reminder- as in the customer has ignored all of your previous attempts to speak with them and obviously has not paid. Enjoy:


Good morning/afternoon (customers name)

I write again regarding the above mentioned account (in the subject line of the email have the outstanding invoice number and the words OUTSTANDING INVOICE) which remains outstanding in the amount of (amount they owe). Despite numerous attempts to speak with you and arrange payment, no response has been received and I need to make a decision on your account by 5pm today, (enter the day of the week, full date and year) Unfortunately, given the amount and the age of the debt, I am unable to hold it any longer and further action is likely to commence first thing tomorrow morning. We have our debt collection agency standing by who may take immediate legal action.

Can you please make urgent payment into our account today and email me once done so I can ensure the matter does not leave my desk. Our bank account details to pay into are:

BANK- (Enter name of your bank)
ACCOUNT NAME- (Enter name of your account)
BSB- (Enter your BSB number)
ACCOUNT NUMBER- (Enter your account number)
REFERENCE NUMBER- (Invoice number)

If there are circumstances beyond your control which are preventing payment in full, please let me know urgently and we may be able to work together to avoid this action. After 5pm today however, it will be out of my hands.



Final Demand email template

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