The big 5 contact methods- ranked.

When chasing payment, there are generally 5 contact methods used. They are:
– The phone
– Personal visit
– Letter
– Email
These are the big 5 and whilst there are others like Facebook messaging etc, you will almost always use one or a combination of these. Whilst doing nothing could still you get paid, you’re relying on someone else to remember to do something, so it’s never recommended. The big 5 all have their own pros and cons but if you’ve ever wondered which is best then wonder no more. In order of effectiveness, from most to least, they are:
1. The phone (by a mile)
2. SMS
3. Email
4. Letter
5. Personal visit
Over the next 5 days we will analyse all 5 in depth, list their pros and cons and give examples of when exactly you should utilize each of them. The telephone wins by a mile purely because it is a portal to your money and forces the person to have a discussion with you. No other method has such an immediate impact that takes so little time. See phone number- dial phone number. This should ALWAYS be ingrained in your mind. If you’re still not convinced, check this out- so far in 2022 we have collected over $2.5 million dollars. 90% of this was because of a phone call.
Cheers guys.
The big 5 contact methods- ranked.

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