Want to get paid? Don’t say these 5 things

1. “See you in court!”

If this was a list of 5 things to make you feel better, this statement would be number one. Unfortunately though, making you feel better doesn’t get you paid, and all you do is push the customer further away. Keep your cool at all times, bite your tongue and try to avoid inflaming the situation.

2. “You have to pay”
Yes, they have to pay and they know this, however unless they have a legitimate dispute, chances are they just don’t have the money. Being demanding and patronizing will only get you so far- try a more measured, understanding and empathetic approach instead and you will see your bank balance soar.

3. “Why haven’t you paid”
On paper, this is a very fair question to ask however in reality it rarely goes down well. A much more effective alternative would be “Is there any reason the invoice is still outstanding?”.

4. “I want my money”
Yes, of course you do, and they know that however this statement is full of emotion and will leave you vulnerable. As difficult as it is, try to remove the emotion, take a step back and see the situation as a transaction between two parties, rather than them as the enemy. “We” instead of “I” and “our” instead of “my” is a very simple way of depersonalizing this statement and allowing you to remain objective.

5. “When are you going to pay?”
When indeed. You obviously want to know, but there are better ways than being this blunt. Closed questions that incite a definitive answer are fine when used correctly and appropriately however this particular question is way too heavy. “When do you think you will be able to pay as I need to make a decision today”- try this instead, which will be much more effective.

Want to get paid? Don’t say these 5 things

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