Why being particular on your invoices is vital

When chasing outstanding invoices, it is absolutely vital that you are chasing the correct entity. This means using the customer’s full name like Nicholas instead of Nick. Or William instead of Bill. Samantha instead of Sam. When it comes to business customers, the same rule applies. As time consuming as it is, always try and address your invoices to the exact company name as it is on the ASIC website or ABN Lookup. This small detail will make you look so much more professional, but also ensure that if the worst happens, and they don’t pay and you have to sue, you are suing the right company.
One of the best places to find a company’s full legal name and ABN is at the very bottom of the homepage of their website in the “Disclaimer” or “Privacy Policy” section. Click on this and it will reveal the full legal name of the owner of the website, and likely, the company responsible for paying your invoice.
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Why being particular on your invoices is vital

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