3 quick tips

Hi everyone happy Thursday to all! Here are 3 quick tips to help you:

1. Invoices overdue from last year and don’t know how to approach the customer? A very pleasant email requesting payment that day as you need to do your BAS for the October-December quarter which you can’t do until they pay you otherwise you will be paying the tax office GST out of your own pocket.

2. Customer completely ignoring every attempt you make at speaking with them? Send them an email along these lines: “Please, I am really trying to help you here so if things are tough, just say the word- reply with “yes they are tough” and we can make alternate arrangements- just one email, 3 words is all I ask”. Trust me everyone- this works a treat.

3. Customer’s phone number disconnected? Google it. Go to at least page 3 of google results and also try “number”- inverted commars around the number. You will be stunned at what you may find- if they run a business, it will often give you their linked email address, landline, corresponding address etc.


Cheers and good luck

3 quick tips

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